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Month: June, 2014

Chicken Basics: Part I (How to Roast a Whole Chicken)


For our second blog post, we wanted to get back to basics.  We are going to show how to roast a whole chicken in the most minimal and simple way.  The Chicken is the star here so make sure it’s premium in quality and flavor. Salt & Pepper are the supporting actors. If you can master roasting a chicken with just salt and pepper and a few other optional ingredients, you can then take it in any direction your palette desires…  The most important element is the meat you buy.  What to look for when buying a fresh chicken:  No hormones, no antibiotics, and coming from an environment where it was able to roam around and eat its natural diet of bugs and vegetation.  This enhances the flavor of the meat which allows you to cook a delicious meal with minimal ingredients and effort.

Whole Roasted Chicken.  This took 10 min. to prepare and 1.5 hours to cook.  Easy Peasy!

Whole Roasted Chicken. This took 10 min. to prepare and 1.5 hours to cook. Easy Peasy!



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Spring Braised Osso Bucco

Welcome to Main Street Meat’s blog!  We are excited to bring you recipes, photographs, and information surrounding humanely raised meat and seasonal living.  We are so proud of the local community of farmers and craftsmen who have made it easier for us to live richer, fuller, tastier, and more beautiful lives.  We hope this blog will inspire our readers to try new ways of cooking, eating, and thinking about meat!

Finished Osso Bucco Dish

Pork Osso Bucco braised with white wine, fennel, leek, and orange… served over goat cheese polenta and spicy bitter greens with a minty gremolata


For this first blog post, we teamed up with local milk’s Beth Kirby for a day of cooking and learning- watching her do her magic. We met in the morning at Main Street Meats to see Milton, the head butcher, break down half a hog.  Then we headed off to Beth’s studio kitchen with our Osso Bucco and the rest of our ingredients to begin preparing our spring inspired meal.
Pork Shank
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