Leaf Lard Crust… and a So Long Summer Blueberry Pie


Looking for recipes for a lard pie crust, I realize just how special it is that now, in Chattanooga, there is a shop where anyone can go to buy lard… in particular, leaf lard.  Leaf lard is from the visceral fat deposit around the kidneys of a pig and has the least amount of pork flavor of any type of lard.  This is why it is ideal for making sweet pastries and pie crusts.  In my pie crust research over the past few years, so many cookbooks and online recipes said something along the lines of, “The best pie crust is made with leaf lard, but since it is impossible to find… here’s what you do instead.”  Fortunately with the re-appreciation of small farms and quality food on the rise, recipe writers won’t have to say that as much anymore.  Main Street Meats has lard and leaf lard in their case all the time, and it is cheap! And it keeps for a long long time in your refrigerator! There are many ways to use it, and this flaky, delicious, easy pie crust is just one!  (Yes, I said easy… and I meant it.)


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