About Us

Ryan, Milton, Ethan

Main Street Meats was established in the fall of 2013, located on 217 E. Main St. in the southside of downtown Chattanooga.  Chattanooga is home to a vibrant farming and food culture that is growing all the time and Main Street Meats is an exciting new part of that community.  They work with a number of local farms that are committed to animal quality and care to bring Chattanooga eaters a product they can feel good about.  Using craft butcher techniques that have survived and evolved over generations, Main Street Meats truly is your neighborhood butcher!  They always have fresh beautiful cuts of meat in the case and they are always ready to share their knowledge with customers- whether it is about the farms the meat comes from, or a recipe.  In the refrigerator in the shop, you will also find broth, lard, prepared foods, eggs, cheese, and more.  If you stop in around lunch time, you can have what has been called by some, “the best burger in town,” or whatever else they are cooking up that day.  Main Street Meats’ website is full of information about their philosophy, the farms they work with, and much more including workshops and other events.  See it here.







Moby1 Moby Halverson grew up on a 38ac family farm in Shepherdstown, West Virginia and has always had a love for food, music, and community.  She became inspired by the 30 some sugar maple trees lining the drive on the farm and started harvesting maple syrup, making goat cheese, and started working at a small farm to table restaurant called Stone Soup Bistro.  She worked her way up from prep cook to sous chef and ran a small kitchen, working with local farmers that were dedicated to bringing grass-finished beef, forested pork, and pasture-raised chickens to hungry happy eaters.  Moby’s favorite way to cook is over a fire in a cast-iron dutch oven.  She moved to Chattanooga in 2012 and started getting involved in the local food community. She is happy to share her passion for art, food, photography, writing, and humanely raised animals. Her hope is that this blog inspires, and brings new life and a tighter-knit community to Chattanooga and the surrounding area.


mewithcameraAmy Johnson grew up on a farm in central Virginia and developed a love for the land and for animals that she has carried with her always.  After a few years as a cowgirl and horse trainer, she went to Sewanee and graduated with a degree in art.  In the years since, she has been writing, photographing, and working at many different jobs including her family’s Cloudcrest Farm.  She is excited about Main Street Meats and really believes in the value of what they are doing and how they are doing it.  She has a love of real food, good cooking, and community.  This blog is a perfect way to use photography to share that love with others.